Thinkathon 1 week

1 week Thinkathon is a co-creation program where young people work together on current global challenges and their impact on local communities. (…)
Youth workers are very often in the position of group leader – as a trainer, moderator, teacher. In a group, people tend to behave (…)
A group contract is a tool that is created to formalize the expectations of the group members. It allows participants to take an active role (…)
During our  Imaginarium project we asked youth workers from Ireland, Poland, Finland, France and Luxembourg what they needed to boost young people’s creativity. All of (…)
What is a Thincathon? It is a hackathon without hacking and coding, it is rather about thinking and designing new ideas for their future (…)
One of the best lessons comes from making mistakes. This is why here you will find a few examples of incorrect assumptions that may (…)