Description :

Just as Aikido uses the opponent’s force to diffuse a potentially aggressive situation, Creative Aikido does the same. It uses the ideas from others and builds upon them.

The key principles of Creative Aikido are:

  1. Accepting not rejecting
  2. Integrating
  3. Build on – let it inspire what you already have
  4. Offer back
Methodology :

In this process, someone starts a story. The next person says “Yes, and what I love about that is….And we could also….” The listener can say “New Shot” if he wants the story teller to try a new story dimension. The story teller can say “shift” if he wants to pass the story telling to someone else.


The following questions might be useful to ask after the exercise:

  • Was it easy / difficult to come up with the story?
  • Was your vision of the story similar/different with the vision of your colleague?
  • What ideas surprised you the most?
  • How did you feel participating in such a collective task?

Source: The Art and Craft of Facilitating Learning Spaces, Kaospilot

Time :
Materials :

No materials needed

Outcomes :

The exercises is an open-minder. It shows participants that they don’t have to criticise their ideas, but rather build upon ideas of their colleague