Description :

This activity will help young people to imagine the future of the world. The aim is to give them an opportunity to discuss their dreams and fears. We want them to become change makers!

Methodology :

Ask young people to imagine the world in 50 years from now. What will it look like? They can think globally or locally. What do the cities look like? Ask them to think about an environment, work, schools, communities, art. What would they like to see? What would they like to avoid?

This activity can be done in a couple of ways:

Option 1
Give each person a piece of paper and ask them to work individually on their visions. Ask them to write a description or a story of the world in 50 years from now (20’).
When they finish, divide them into couples and ask them to read their stories to each other (20’).

Option 2
If you have access to such creative materials as crayons, newspapers, glue and scissors you can ask participants to create collages about the future on a flipchart paper. Working with images and pictures help to open our imagination (30’)
When people finish their work, divide them into couples and ask them to show the collages to each other. Another person from a pair can describe what she or he sees in a collage (20’).


On a flipchart paper write down ideas from the group about the future (20’). Discus the with the group and ask such questions as:

  • What must happen for us to live in such a world?
  • What must happen to avoid such a future?
Time :
60’ – 70’
Materials :

Flipchart paper
Optional: newspapers, glue, scissors, other creative materials

Outcomes :

To open young people’s imagination and creativity and to help them envision the future.