Now that your group is up to date with these concepts, you can start experimenting with them. This step is important to help your group acquire better comprehension of the subject they studied.

ISSE game

This online simulation game allows the gamer to create and manage a SSE organisation and its team to carry out projects and implement the core values that characterise the SSE.

Languages : 6

SDGs self assessment tool

A tool to compare your company’s activity to SDGs.

You can use this tool with your group by evaluating different companies as case studies and comparing how they perform regarding SDGs (eg : fast food company VS non profit).

You will have to do some research with the companies you want to study and adapt it to your needs.

Language : english

Education for sustainable development toolkit

The exercises provided in this toolkit will allow you to make dynamic activities with your group, regarding sustainable development. How does it work, what issues are linked to it etc.

Language : english