Aworld app

UN app that encourages good practices on an individual level.

You can use it as a challenge tool : could be used for an entire week, creating teams and challenging each other “who has the most points by the end of the week?”. It can also be used to prolong the experience and workshops as good practices to implement.

Languages : English, italian, french, spanish

Lazy person guide to saving the world

Good practices guide to experiment action to an individual level and up to your investment capacities/wants. What are you already doing? What could you do to improve your sustainable impact?

Language : English

170 actions to transform our world

Good practices guide following UN’s SDGs. Could be used as a bingo during a workshop : what do you already do? Who is most advanced? AND/OR giving concrete solutions to invest yourself in a more sustainable approach.

Languages : 14

The climate change empowerment guidebook

This guide will help you and your group to go further in the climate change reflexion. Useful for the ones that want to talk about climate change and help it be a central topic in our world.

Language : English

Emotional resilience toolkit for climate work

Talking about climate change can be emotionally taxing. This toolkit addresses the climate anxiety your group can experience. If the workshops are planned for a week, it can be interesting to address it and provide a few coping mechanisms for the group.

Language : English