Description :

This is a great interactive energizer which you can use with a group when people are tired and their energy is low. It’s an interesting variation of the game “Rock Paper Scissors”.

Methodology :
  1. If you can and the weather allows, take the group outside.
  2. Divide people into two equal groups.
  3. Explain the rules:
    • a – The game is very similar to Rock, Papar, Scissors. Ask the group members if they know the rules. If there is someone who played the game let her or him explain.
    • b – In this variation  there are three characters:
      • Samurai (the samurai makes a gesture as if he swings a sword – do it!)
      • Samurai mom (she threatens with her finger – do it!)
      • Dragon (who raises its paws and roars at the top of its lungs – do it!)
    • c – Explain that, just like in the classic version of the game, some characters beat the others:
      • Samurai wins against Dragon,
      • Dragon wins wins against Mom and
      • Mom wins against Samurai.
  4. Explain that each group represents one of the three characters. Each group will have 30 seconds to agree which character they want to show. Then 2 of the groups (decided beforehand), at the same time, will have to show their choices (every team member has to show the same agreed character! Otherwise the other group wins).
  5. Moderate 3 to 5 rounds. Count the points. The group with more points wins.

Afterwards you can ask people how they feel. Is the energy level higher? Do they feel more energized and creative?

If the group energy is better and ready for the next step of creativity work. If not, you can ask what would help them. You can also give them a short speech on how physical activity empowers our brains and mood.

Time :
Materials :

No materials needed

Outcomes :

Elevated energy in a group, relaxed body and mind.