Description :

A group contract is a tool that is created to formalize the expectations of the group members. It allows participants to take an active role in setting the tone for group interaction and motivates ownership of learning. Creating group contracts also helps identify members’ expectations of one another, communicate those expectations, and practice articulating them.

Methodology :
  • Explain to the group what a group contract is and why it’s needed.
  • Divide the participants into small groups of 3-4 people.
  • Give each group a set of colourful paper and markers. Ask them to discuss the rules they would like everyone to obey (for example such as being punctual or not using their phones). They can also think about their expectations. Ask them to write one idea per piece of paper (10-15 min).
  • When they finish, ask each group to present their ideas, expectations and rules. Using tape, put the paper on a wall, in a visible place, so when the participants see the contract when they enter the room.
  • Ask them how they feel about their contract. Do they agree with all the rules? Remind the participants that they own this contract and that everyone is going to be accountable for their actions and behaviour.







Time :
Materials :
  • Markers
  • Paper in different colours
  • Tape
Outcomes :

Ground rules, expectations, roles, and responsibilities written down in the form of a contract can help participants stay on track and feel safe.