Description :

Just as Aikido uses the opponent’s force to defuse a potentially aggressive situation, Creative Aikido does the same. It uses ideas of others and builds upon them.

The key principles of Creative Aikido are:

  1. Accepting not rejecting
  2. Integrating
  3. Build on – be inspired by what you already have
  4. Offer back
Methodology :

In this process, one person starts a story. The next person says ‘Yes, and what I love about that is…’ continuing with ‘And we could also….’ The listener can say “New Shot” if he wants the storyteller to offer a new story line. The storyteller can say “Shift” if they want to pass the story telling to someone else.


The following questions might be useful to ask after the exercise:


  • Was it easy/difficult to come up with a story?
  • Was your expectation of the story similar/different to the expectations of your colleagues? 
  • What ideas surprised you the most?
  • How did you feel participating in this type of collaborative task?


Source: The Art and Craft of Facilitating Learning Spaces, Kaospilot

Time :
Materials :

No materials needed

Outcomes :

The exercises are mind openers. They show participants that they don’t have to compete with others’ ideas, but rather, build on the ideas of their colleagues.