Description :

When you start to notice fatigue of the group when doing creativity work, the best way to support them is to take a break from the thinking activity. It’s likely they’ve hit a bit of a wall, physically and emotionally. The best idea in such a situation is to let people rest. You can encourage them to have a walk, to have some tea, coffee or other refreshments. Enable them to go outside and have some fresh air. If you want them to stay in th group, we suggest a simple exercise called ‘P.E. Lesson’, it’s an abbreviation for physical education. And as you might have guessed it’s based on doing physical exercises all together, which works as a mood and endorphins elevator.

Methodology :
  1. If you can, take the group outside for  the fresh air.
  2. Stand all in a circle.
  3. Explain that we will now all participate in a PE lesson and everyone will assume the role of a trainer for a while.
  4. Invite the participants to each show the group one exercise that you will all do together. The exercises can’t be repeated, everyone comes up with a new one.
  5. As the group leader, you can start. Show one simple exercise: it could be squats, jumping jacks, some stretching. Keep in mind possible limitations that may occur in the group (disabilities, maybe temporary indispositions).
  6. After everyone has completed the exercise you have shown, encourage the person standing next to you to show another one.
  7. The energizer ends when everyone in the group has shown their exercise and everyone has repeated it.

Afterwards you can check in with the group. Are they feeling a bit better now and ready for the next step of creativity work? If not, you can ask what would help them. You can also give them a short speech on how physical activity empowers our brains and mood.

Here is a great TED Talk by Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, who loves to exercise. If you don’t have enough time you can just watch the last 3 minutes of the video:

Time :
5′ – 15′
Materials :

No materials needed

Outcomes :

Elevated energy in a group, relaxed body and mind